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Short Story: WHAT CHANGED EVERYTHING? by Bit Bender

As I walk towards the van, hands behind my back, not voluntarily, he was on the floor gasping for breath and asking for water. Oh yes, it was a yellow Lagos commuter van, my hands cuffed with a piece of metal. I don’t have to mention it was the MOPO taking me to their arena.  I’ve never been a troublemaker but I kept wondering how did it come to this, in my mind I was trying to play it all black.


Short Story: OH, THE THING I HAVE TO DO! by Gbubemi Atimomo

Tare was determined to stay in the United States by hook or by crook and she had thought it through before coming on holiday. She was staying with her Aunty Ujuwho had been in the states for the last twenty five years. In all of that time, her aunt had only visited Nigeria once; fifteen years ago. Being a nurse working on many long shifts with John Hopkins Hospital was extremely demanding and she barely had time for anything else except her catering business. Aaaah, the naija community valued Aunty Uju for making the best meat pies, egg rolls, and chin chins in the whole of Baltimore. In her fifties, she wasn’t married and had never been married (well, that’s not counting her marriage to that Mexican- American, that was only for her papers, besides they got divorced once she had her residency sorted).


Short Story: MAIN DISH by Titi Oyemade

“Lekki Ajah bus, one more yansh…………one more yansh” the conductor screamed. I ran like my life depended on the bus.

I had not seen him in 3 days and 3 days was like eternity. I had missed the love of my life, my earth, my treasure and everything. He was the answer to my prayer and a dream come true. He called me his Main Dish and not the usual baby, honey and the rest of the funny pet names.

I was his Main Dish, the Main Course…do you know what that means?


Short Story: IN THE CITY by Foluwaso Adebobuyi

You see them in the morning.

Lately, you have been watching and listening, actively, collating the fleeting encounters in your head. Conjuring history from facial expressions, aggregating wordless interactions and moods into snapshots, pictures of lives in motion.


Short Story: OGD by Torpedo Mascaw

This was his 5th time in the Oil rich City of Port Harcourt and every preceding time he had come to the city he had seen exactly zilch. On the past four times, he had stayed at the same Hotel (Airport Hotel) and the reason was the company with which he had been working with always had the minimalist approach to everything,