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The Book Club @ Social Media Week Lagos 2018

GrSCM-eat news folks, this month we will be joining several other organisations and individuals at the Social Media Week Lagos.

This year’s global theme is “Closer”, and it will be exploring the intensifying conflict between community and individualism.

The Book Club will be hosting a speakeasy session on Tuesday the 27th of February 2018 between 2.30 pm and 3.30 pm entitled “Reviews without Borders: Books, Social media & Community”.

The speakers at this event will be our very own Unekwu “Neks” Nwaezeapu and renowned Author, Activist and Entrepreneur, Chude Jideonwu.

You can click here to search for the session and register to attend

Unekwu Nwaezeapu

Unekwu Nwaezeapu

Chude Jideonwu

Chude Jideonwu

Oil, Politics and Violence: Nigeria’s Military Coup Culture 1966-1976 by Max Siollun

Oil Politics and violenceAn insider traces the details of hope and ambition gone wrong in the Giant of Africa, Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country. When it gained independence from Britain in 1960, hopes were high that, with mineral wealth and over 140 million people, the most educated workforce in Africa, Nigeria would become Africa’s first superpower and a stabilizing democratic influence in the region.

However, these lofty hopes were soon dashed and the country lumbered from crisis to crisis, with the democratic government eventually being overthrown in a violent military coup in January 1966. From 1966 until 1999, the army held onto power almost uninterrupted under a succession of increasingly authoritarian military governments and army coups. Military coups and military rule (which began as an emergency aberration) became a seemingly permanent feature of Nigerian politics.

The author names names, and explores how British influence aggravated indigenous rivalries. He shows how various factions in the military were able to hold onto power and resist civil and international pressure for democratic governance by exploiting the country’s oil wealth and ethnic divisions to its advantage.

Africa is featured in the headlines as developed countries and China clash over the need for the continent’s resources. Yet there are few serious books to help us understand any aspect of the never-ending cascade of wars and conflicts. Other titles on Nigeria are mostly children’s books or travel guides. The current work focuses specifically on the social tensions, the motivations and the methods of the series of coups that rent Nigeria.



The book club Lagos, was created for people who simply love books.

We love to read, share experiences, knowledge and our love for books. We select a book (or books) each month to read and then meet to discuss and share our experiences from these books.

We read books of all genres ranging from fiction to non-fiction, career and business books.

We also seek for opportunities to help grow the reading culture in our society through all our activities.