Monthly Archives: September 2016


Loud Whispers

Writer: Joseph Edgar
Category: Non Fiction

Edgar’s perspectives… are amusing, educative, critical, brutal, very often unforgiving and leaves, and sometimes takes no prisoners. He is surgical in his satirical dissection of issues.


When Broken Chords Sing

Writer: Abimbola Dare
Category: Fiction

Beautiful singer, Destiny Okoye did not come to university to fall in love with her lecturer. But Stanley Briggs is hot, irresistible -and he wants her. A whirl wind romance leads to a proposal in the rain.


How Intelligence Kills

 The book was written for Okechukwu Ofili. It talks about our dangerous addiction to respect, religion, intelligence and lots more.



The book club Lagos, was created for people who simply love books.

We love to read, share experiences, knowledge and our love for books. We select a book (or books) each month to read and then meet to discuss and share our experiences from these books.

We read books of all genres ranging from fiction to non-fiction, career and business books.

We also seek for opportunities to help grow the reading culture in our society through all our activities.